What is Journey to the Deep?

JOURNEY TO THE DEEP is a marine conservation education that opens doors for ultimate learning through its unique and inspiring ‘edutainment’! It’s a completely new and innovative immersive experience; like you are walking on the bottom of the sea and you encounter all sorts of remarkable creatures along the way as you navigate through a beautiful underwater world, yet are confronted by hard hitting marine issues. An extraordinary interactive experience as you navigate obstacles into the abyss and discover a world of underwater beauty and horror...as you enter the secret portal to the bottom of the ocean! Come and met remarkable sea creatures and help them get through the JOURNEY TO THE DEEP!

The Auckland Waterfront season(2012) ran from SEPTEMBER 29th until NOVEMBER 11th 2012 for a strictly limited season at SILO 6 in SILO Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Waterfront. 

After the Auckland Waterfront Season(2012) the JTTD team are working on the tour!
Watch this space!

What is Little Green Man (LGM) Productions?

Little Green Man Productions (LGM) is where ideas to immersive entertainment happen! JOURNEY TO THE DEEP has been 5 years in the making! We are thrilled that JOURNEY TO THE DEEP will be staged inside the Silo 6 Pack on Wynyard Quarter right on Auckland’s stunning waterfront.

The whole project involves a great range of creative talent from emergent artists to professionals and is a world class, world first product that will have a long life. Its potential for lifelong learning is huge and it will compel young people to want to take an active part in marine conservation.

Other Ways you can help!

Spread the word worldwide and help make this project an oceanic success.

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