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“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”

JOURNEY TO THE DEEP is a marine conservation educational production that opens doors for ultimate learning through its unique and inspiring ‘edutainment’!
It’s a completely new and innovative immersive experience; like you are walking on the bottom of the sea and you encounter all sorts of remarkable creatures along the way as you navigate through a beautiful underwater world, yet are confronted by hard hitting marine issues.

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Living Theatre Charitable Trust (2190681) is incorporated under the charitable trusts act 1957, 17th November 2008. CHARITIES COMMISSION NUMBER : CC39055

LTT charitable  purposes  are:
To engage inspire and build conservation awareness through education by means of powerful immersive experiences that inspires young New Zealanders. They will help build connectedness with many cultures and the values of those cultures as the message reaches children though education and particularly through emotional and cognitive engagement. This will also build feelings of self esteem and self confidence as audience will be moved to take action. 

Living Theatre Trust has been involved with developing JOURNEY TO THE DEEP a major marine conservation project in development since 2008.

JOURNEY TO THE DEEP IP is owned by Sarah Burren – creator of the project and Creative Director at Little Green Man Productions (LGM Productions). LTT is the charitable arm of  LGM Productions.

Key areas LTT works in:
Community Development

The following will benefit from LTT:
Theatre practitioners
Other charities
Conservation  ie. Marine life
Old art forms ie Puppetry
General public

The following describes activities and services that LTT will provide:
Provides Human resources
Provides advice/information/advocacy
Acts as umbrella – as a resource body to provide Governance to Education Conservation with immersive experiences 

Living Theatre Trust Trustee:
Susan Blanchett - SAS accountants

LTT banks with ASB Grey Lynn
IRD no: 102-169-670
P.O Box 78217

Bank Account Number:12-3022-0434612-00

Donations will go towards the next, and final cost of building the touring structure


See the stage show ATLANTIS coming to USA from JTTD New Zealand!

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